I am the protagonist of my own photographs. I try to define myself, to understand myself, through them. I would like to try to capture just a single moment in which my existence is completely clear and visible, perfectly still, easily coherent and comprehensible for anyone, especially myself. I search for myself, chase after myself, and for a moment I stop to observe the world surrounding me, just to make a faint reading of a barely superficial layer. For an instant I re-surface. I take a small breath of fresh air but it is too short to draw any satisfaction from it, and then, I drown back into anxiety. I suffer because my “me” is constantly changing; it takes shapes and disintegrates within a setting that never remains indifferent. I am not able to interpret myself, to focus or define myself. I constantly try to grasp my “me” to fight this instability that is consuming me. I fight to find certainties but I still get dragged down by the anxiety of inconstancy. This is why I am everywhere and nowhere, halfway between the past and the future, only temporarily in a present that I am not allowed to comprehend. The change starts but it never completes itself and my suffering spirit remains imprisoned forever in different realities. It is a curse that prevents me from existing fully.