• <span>Essence Essence Minimal, Abstract, Black and White
  • <span>Attraverso il Tempo 1 Attraverso il Tempo 1
  • <span>Attraverso il Tempo 2 Attraverso il Tempo 2
  • <span>Attraverso il Tempo 3 Attraverso il Tempo 3
  • <span>Suspendeds</span> Landscapes Suspended Landscapes As long as I can remember, I try to reduce landscape to its essential components, to its abstract form.
  • <span>Moving</span> Landscapes Moving Landscapes In this Project i use the multiple exposure technique in order to think about certain artistic traditions I love.
  • <span>Desformes Desformes I created a body interlock (riden of its appearance), object, nature and without artifice. The form beyond the superfluous, make stronger what we do not see. The bodies themselves are sculptural objects. The inclusion of such, outside the context, in a repetitive sculptural form, shows the perpetual evolution of the pure white where each duality disappears